Lansdowne Resort or Lansdown is a picturesque hill station nestled in the Pauri-Garhwal district of the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. Regarded as the most unprecedented hill station in India, it’s often described as the gateway to the great Himalayas.

Therefore, One of the most contrasting aspects about Lansdowne and other hill stations situated in the North is its serenity and quietness against the latter which have become crowded, overdeveloped, and noisy over time. This is owing to its management and development under the Army Cantonment Board.

In other words If you’re a regular visitor to hill stations across India, you’d know that Lansdowne is one of those places which receives a decent amount of snowfall in the winter months. However, you can still experience decently low temperatures during summers too along with a foggy rainy season.

If the above seems conventional to you, the hill station is also established for recreation such as trekking, boating, bird watching, paddling, camping, stargazing, and more.

Going forward, if you’re intending to experience all these by yourself and aspiring to stay in the best Lansdowne resort, Hotel 7 Hills should be your ultimate destination!
In addition, Being one of the busiest hill stations in the North, the majority of resorts you’ll come across here can be seen charging exorbitant prices, however, that’s not the case with our Lansdowne resort.

It’s well-connected to the key tourist glamours with the majority of them being a stone’s throw away. Set amidst the pine and oak forests, we’re known for our warm and captivating aura that articulates for itself. Whether you’re a family person, a romantic couple scouring a serene place, or a group of students who like chilling out, our ¬†Lansdowne resort will suit you all. For the same, we have four classes of rooms and these include the following.

Similarly, A Deluxe room that’s suitable for lone travelers who like to chill out and get a kick out of. The room has substantial space for 2 people with a king-size bed. It costs Rs. 3500 per night.

Our second offering is the Super deluxe room that houses all the customary conveniences. The room can lodge 2 people and has a king-size bed. All this at a decent cost of Rs. 5000 per night.

After that, If you’re a couple, our King Suite is for you and it goes for just Rs. 5000 per night.

Lastly, if you’re accompanied by the entire family, our Family Suite is something you’d take a look at. We’ve provided extensive living space for a family of four with a king-size bed and a dual queen bed to finish off the same. For our family suite, you’d have to spend Rs. 6500 per night.

All the above-listed rooms are well elucidated, aerated, immense, and features all conventional facilities like an air conditioner, central heating, 26-inch plasma satellite TV, a work desk.

In other words Let us serve you and conceal our gracious hospitality in the exquisite ambiance of the best Lansdowne resort. We promise you mesmerizing views of the magnificent Himalayas as you stay at

Hotel 7 Hills.