Get Ready to Spend Your Vacation at the Best Resorts in Lansdowne

Lansdowne is one of the unbeatable exotic hill stations in India which is well-known for its serenity and relaxation. It is a scenic and beautiful hill town blessed with inexpressible beauty.

A picturesque hill station which is sitting at an elevation of about 1700 meters above the sea level, Lansdowne brings to you an enticing potpourri of attractions and unforgettable experiences. So, if you are planning to spend your vacation in this quaint hill town with your loved ones, Hotel 7 Hills is one of the prestigious resorts in Lansdowne that is ready to accommodate you in a unique way.

Hotel 7 Hills is one of the Best resorts in Lansdowne providing an enchanting accommodation for both luxury and budget travellers. Surrounded by luxuriant blue pine and oak forests, our hotel is the perfect abode for travellers visiting Lansdowne.

Touted as one of the luxury hotels in Lansdowne, Hotel 7 Hills provides a relaxing stay with plenty of beguiling views. As you soak in the breathtaking Himalayan views all amidst clean,  crisp air, we promise to make your holidays memorable.

Matchless comfort, spacious rooms blended with pleasing hospitality are the specialties of our prestigious hotel in Lansdowne. Our hotel offers tons of indoor and outdoor activities to keep you entertained.

We are ranked amongst the top resorts in Lansdowne, and our guests keep coming back for the amiable hospitality we provide.

Some of the finest services are offered to our esteemed guests.

  • World-class Food

We believe that a happy stay starts with good food. Hotel 7 Hills offers delicious food so that the guests come again and again to taste the local cuisine.

  • Free Wi-Fi

You can use free Wi-Fi so that your loved ones will not be far from you.

  • Free Parking

Parking is another service which is facilitating the guests in a very extraordinary way. We offer free parking to the tourists as their vehicle safety is our priority.

So, get up and pack your bags to make your vacation pleasant in the lap of nature while staying at Hotel 7 Hills. In addition to that, visit various tourist destinations in Lansdowne, making you feel like you have entered heaven.

The prestigious Hotel 7 Hills is located in Lansdowne. Enjoy stunning views of the Garwhal hills and lush green valleys during your stay at our hotel, one of the best hotel in lansdowne. Relax in the majestic Himalayan ranges for a few days and forget about your daily stress.

Allow yourself to breathe in the freshness of nature’s breath and let the beautiful sunrise beams from the valley seduce you. Boutique Hotel Deriyakhal offers luxurious accommodation and a relaxing holiday and the top resort in lansdowne.


Hotel 7 Hills presents the best and luxurious hotel in Lansdowne and capacious cottages which are equipped with modern amenities. Each cottage is built in such a way that it offers you a sense of space, privacy, peace, and tranquillity. Moreover, it also delivers an astonishing view of the Shivalik Mountain range covered with sal trees.

Each cottage has a private sit-out area, 24 hours running water (hot & cold), tea/coffee maker, mini-refrigerator, air-conditioner, intercom telephone, and more the best hotel in Lansdowne with luxurious servies.. 


Hotel 7 Hills will redefine entertainment. Every age can enjoy their leisure and fun activities. Watch our professional singer perform your favorite songs. Our in-house magician performs a magic show that is tailored for children.

We also have a rope challenge course at Hotel 7 Hills Lansdowne hotel . This includes Burma bridge and plank bridges, tire/loop bridges, commando/obstacle courses, and other low-rope activities that will push your limits. Instructors will handle the guiding and belay ropes. Participants will be fitted with harnesses.thats why we are awarded as the best hotel in lansdowne in 2019


We offer the best places to relax and rejuvenate. Our pool is situated on a hilltop and offers stunning views to our guests.

We have a dedicated yoga pavilion and meditation pavilion to host your feel-good programming in the middle of lush mountains.



The Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary is only 45 minutes away from Hotel 7 Hills. Here you can see the diverse wildlife. The sanctuary’s wetlands are home to rare animals such as Asiatic Elephants and Tigers, Barking deer, Sambhars, Cheetahs, Wild Bears, Sambhars, Sambhars, Cheetahs, Wild Bears, Sambhars, Sambhars, Sambhars, Barking Deer, Sambhars, Barking Bears, Sambhars, Cheetahs, Wild Bears, and many reptiles. The sanctuary is home to almost 600 species of migratory and resident birds.


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